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Action Heroines: Kate Beckinsale
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Action Heroines: Kate Beckinsale Halle Berry Jessica Alba Angelina Jolie Cameron Diaz Lucy Liu
By Nina Himmerling Smith September 04, 2009
To get in shape for her roles in Underworld and Whiteout, Kate worked out with a personal trainer as well as going to the gym and taking part in circuit training, boxing and weight training, everything a girl needs to solve a murder in the Antarctic!
The former Bond girl has an enviable figure, and is a keen gymnast. She isn’t a fan of long drawn-out workouts, so instead she opts for short bursts of exercise several times a day in cardio and strength exercises.
When not starring in major action films such as Sin City and The Fantastic Four, Jessica likes to keep her exercise simple and consistent. She spends 30 minutes a day on her exercise bike and cross trainer, and tries to eat carbs earlier in the day and protein later in the afternoon to keep her body balanced and looking great!
She’s a mother of six, in a relationship with one of the most talked about men on the planet, and still looks fabulous! But how does she do it? The tomb raider star is a fan of kick boxing, weapons training, and eats a high protein diet, perfect for keeping those bad guys at bay!
A well known gym bunny and fitness fanatic, the Charlie’s Angels star does a work out of 25-30 minutes cardio vascular activity and weight train. A California girl born and bred, she spends her weekends surfing with gorgeous surfing pro Kelly Slater.
Unlike her Charlie’s angels co-star, Lucy ditched the gym and the treadmill, branding it as boring. Instead she decided to take up more gentle exercise, and does pilates and stretches her body into shape. Proof that you don’t always have to be sweating buckets to be healthy!
Action Heroines always have the body to die for, and manage to stay toned as well as sexy! Kate Beckinsale manages to look sexy and heroic in a blizzard as a US Marshall in the new thriller Whiteout, in cinemas on September 11th. But how do these women look so fantastic, and convince the rest of us to put down that third doughnut and pick up our gym shoes?! This feature looks at how we can fight the flab and still look fab...
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