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By Samantha Bortniker July 31, 2014
ASAP54, founded in 2013 by Daniela Cecilio, combines a fashion community with visual search technology. Users can upload images of items, search for items visually, customize their feed, interact with other fashionistas, and seek advice from in-house stylists.
Upload your outfits to Cloth and organize them according to the weather and certain occasions. The app allows you to edit your photos, tag other, and add notes. After that's all done, you can share your outfit using other social media platforms.
Fashion Kaleidoscope combines the best of Pinterest and Shopstyle, making this app your new best friend if you need to shop on the go. Just click on an image and shop the look!
Smile for the camera and upload your ensemble to Pose to share it with the fashion community. Get inspired and share inspiration. Plus, you can even buy, sell, and trade items with other users. You can also check the weather in your area if you're having trouble deciding what to wear in the morning.
Snap a pic, tag brands, follow friends, shop and compare prices, and even receive notifications for special discounts in your area using this fashion mobile app. Snapette is a true "digital resource" for busy fashionistas with an eye for style and the love of a good discount.
Kate Bosworth’s new app, Style Thief allows you to take a snapshot of an item you like, whether it’s someone’s street-style snap or even a character's outfit on a TV show, and shop for that item.
Just like Cher from Clueless, you can now digitize your closet with the ultimate organizing app, Stylebook. It allows you to import images of your clothes, shoes, and accessories, create collages of outfits, keep track of what you wore using a calendar, and make a packing list. Finally, the virtual closet we’ve all been waiting for.
Looking for outfit inspiration based on the weather? There’s an app for that. Curious where to buy an outfit you saw on a celeb? There’s an app for that, too. Even Kate Bosworth is getting in on the mobile fashion app push! Our smart phones just got a whole lot more stylish now that they have the ability to provide beauty on-demand and fashion on-the-go. Whether you're documenting your #OOTD, sharing images with others, searching and shopping for apparel, or organizing your closet, there's an app perfect for you.
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