Fuel Up Like A Star: Tantalizing Breakfast Tricks Stars Swear By

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By Valis Vicenty July 15, 2013

Join the Green Juice Gang

They may look uninviting and resemble seaweed, but green juices are the A-lister’s secret to fitting in all the recommended fruits and vegetables. Chock full of spinach, fruits, vitamins and nutrients, these juices are tasty and healthy – the perfect way to start the day.

Wake Up with Green Tea

Though lattes and cappuccinos may be your favorite caffeine regime, A-listers realize these drinks are calorie laden. Switch over to green tea instead; it’ll provide the same wake up jolt without the extra calories.

Lemon Infused Hydration

As soon as the alarm clock goes off, most stars roll over and reach for a glass of warm water with lemon… not coffee. Though it seems like an odd choice to start the day, lemon may actually give a signal to your metabolism to begin, help in weight loss by balancing the alkaline in your diet, and boost your immune system.

Load Up on Fiber

It’s no secret that the way to lose weight is a balance of healthy eating and working out. If you’re an indulgent snacker, begin your day with a zesty dose of fiber to fill you up. Stars choose to wake up with a fiber cracker topped with cottage cheese – it’s tastier than it looks!

Decorate Your Food with Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are the secret to feeling full, longer. Sprinkle these all over your food, add them to smoothies, or simply dunk them into your water for a zesty dose of fiber, antioxidants, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids. The seeds take on the flavor of any food you place them on, making them the perfect addition to your meals – breakfast or not!
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