Timeless Totes: 8 Famous Bags Everyone Bought

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By Katherine Fotinos August 14, 2014
Named after British style icon and actress Jane Birkin in 1980, the French made Hermes Birkin exploded onto the style scene in the early 2000s when, at the time, only the most elite of the celebrity world could manage to get their hands on the $7,400 to $150,000 bag. Available in a plethora of colors and exotic materials, the wait list for this timeless tote once exceeded six years. Despite its lack of logos, the Birkin has since become one of the most recognizable (and expensive) designer bags to date.
Ever since Carrie Bradshaw was mugged for her Fendi Baguette bag and the contents inside it on a season three episode of Sex and the City, this petite purse has become synonymous with high fashion and elevated status. Silvia Venturini Fendi even published a book of glamorous photographs featuring the many different fabrications the Baguette has come in. Now 17 years old, the Baguette continues to reinvent itself with new and innovative colors, materials, and patterns each season.
Georges Vuitton, son of founder Louis Vuitton, introduced the monogrammed Louis Vuitton Speedy bag in the 1930s. The design house continues to manufacture the same timeless style to this day. Light and conveniently sized, it has made a name for itself as a perfect daily use bag and found a place in the closets of celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Jessica Simpson, Hillary Duff, Miranda Kerr, and Snoop Dogg.
Feminine, elegant, and beautifully crafted, the iconic Lady Dior Bag is everything the Christian Dior name seeks to represent. It became an icon in itself in 1995 when Bernadette Chirac, the First Lady of France, gifted Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, one in black leather. Today, the chic bag is available in woven lambskin, deerskin, calfskin, python, crocodile, or satin, and also comes in a range of colors and embroidered details. The legendary top handle tote is often seen on the arms of fashion icons like Carla Bruni, Diane Kruger, and Marion Cotillard, all who have starred as the face of the bag and of the Dior brand.
The ultra versatile and stylish Spy Bag combines the everyday quality of a hobo bag with the upscale appeal of Fendi fashion. From black leather to beaded and bronzed, the Spy Bag has a version for every buyer. Its popularity peaked in 2008, with every "It" girl at the time, from Paris to Lindsey, being photographed with the purse. The Olsen twins, Gwen Stefani, and Jennifer Lopez also have at least one in their closets.
Coco Chanel truly started a fashion revolution with the creation of the iconic quilted flap bag. With its chic chain link shoulder handle, luxurious lambskin body, and classic Chanel monogrammed metal clasp, it's a style that's been on the scene since the 1950s and is sure to outlive us all.
The Celine Trapeze: a tote that inspired a new pattern of purses everywhere. Available in mini and large sizes and offered in almost every color combination imaginable, the Trapeze is recognizable thanks to its combination box flap and side wings. Not only have celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Nicky Hilton, and Nicole Richie toted the Trapeze, it's also become a staple for fashion bloggers and editors over the last few years.
Edgy, innovative, rebellious, and beautiful, the original Knuckle Duster clutch couldn't have come from anywhere other than rock 'n roll ready Alexander McQueen. Each $1,000+ evening bag is a work of art, with gold gilded and sculpted skulls, flowers, crowns, and crowns on the hand held portion and an array of embroidered details on the body.
In the fashion world, a statement making piece can go down in history just as vibrantly as the individual that donned it. In the domain of designer bags, this has proved more than true, with a handful of purses having carved out their place in the stylesphere by becoming just as recognizable as the icons that familiarized us with them. From the Hermes Birkin to the McQueen knuckle duster, here are eight timeless totes every fashionista is sure to have seen, coveted, and potentially picked up in the last decade. 
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