Old Glamour to Modern Take: Lip Trends Over the Years

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By Jenny Lee July 29, 2014
The original "It" girl Clara Bow was known for that small pucker shaped like a Cupid's bow. Today, Taylor Swift boasts the same gorgeous shape in her signature hue.
Could you imagine old Hollywood glamour without Marlene Dietrich? Her sultry, dark lip gave her look a deeply dramatic flair. Since then, queen of the vampy lip, Lorde, has taken over the reins.
Former first lady and beloved style icon, Jackie Kennedy always looked lovely with a pink lip. Today, no one rocks a pink lip like our favorite quirky girl, Zooey Deschanel.
Is there a sexpot red lip as iconic as Marilyn Monroe's? We think not. The bold red helped solidify Monroe's status as a sex symbol, and today we love Gwen Stefani for channeling that.
Back then, people equated lusciously full lips with Brigitte Bardot. Today, we associate full lips with none other than the beautiful Angelina Jolie.
Edie Sedgwick captured hearts with her bold, mod eye make-up and her minimal nude lip. These days, Cara Delevingne looks fierce with a similar look.
The beautiful Grace Kelly made the classic red a look fit for princesses (literally). Since then, January Jones does the same classic red like royalty.
Back in the day, Grace Jones stunned audiences with her bold lipstick colors. Now we feel the same shock and adoration for Rihanna's extreme lip looks.
The only other person who can do Madonna's iconic red lip is....Madonna. She perfected it back in her Boy Toy days, and despite the years that have passed, she has not lost her touch.

It is National Lipstick Day! In celebration of the non-official, but still wonderful holiday, we here at Glam have tapped into the most iconic lip trends from the age of the silent film to now. We paid homage to some of the most famous lip looks today, as well as to the original divas who have made them iconic.
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