Kerry Washington Counts Down Top ‘Scandal’ Moments from Season Three

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By Angel Lenise August 08, 2014
“The three of us [Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Bellamy Young] are all Broadway actors. We all brought the same excitement about the theatrical element of it. We rehearsed it like a play, thought about it like a play, and lived in it like a play. I feel like the three of us could have done that scene for weeks. There’s such a shift, too, in the way Olivia is speaking to Mellie. For me, that’s one of the important dynamics of the show. It’s impossible for there to be a good guy and a bad guy. Everybody’s relationships are just so complicated. Their personal histories are so complicated. I think Olivia goes from being angry at the judgment that she receives from Mellie to having to be in touch with that compassion and shame around her own choices.”
“I think even just the idea, the very, very romantic idea, that he built this house for them is so breathtaking. And Tony’s monologue, what he did with it was so beautiful. We had the pleasure of being directed by Ava DuVernay in that episode. It just was so much fun to break down the moments of that scene with her. She really loves actors and gets actors. She gives such a beautiful space for actors to explore and dance and do what we do. So it was thrilling to be able to do that scene with her.”
“There’s this thing that happened this season, because of the storylines with Olivia’s parents, that you got to see the sort of unraveled Olivia Pope. This scene was really fun for me because I felt like you start with seeing little girl Olivia, when she runs out to her mother and hugs her you see some of the innocence of heartbreak and how she’s never been able to have a relationship with her mother. So it’s so vulnerable and raw, and there’s a real sweetness to that connection. And then it so quickly turns to horror. I loved the challenge of that moment.”
“I really liked this scene because it was a moment where, finally, Olivia one-ups her dad a little bit and figures out what he’s all about. And I just love all the stuff with Tony Goldwyn and Joe Morton as well. Again, our show moves so quickly, so when you have those moments of two or three people in a room just laying into each other, I think it’s such a treat. You don’t often get the opportunity to do that in that way. It’s really only theater. So much of our show reminds me of really great theater.”
“To me, this scene was like old school Olivia Pope. Like old school pilot on the park bench. And I loved it! It’s a version of Olivia Pope that we hadn’t seen in a while, because so much of that season was about the unraveling of Olivia and the vulnerability behind the mask of Olivia Pope. That to me felt like a moment where she really needed to put on her “Olivia Pope,” quote unquote, identity. I loved playing that version of Olivia in the context of all the trouble. She was becoming so unraveled and undone, so it was nice that she was forced into that old ray of dealing with clients.”
“I really love this because I think Jake is a person who is really just down for Olivia. He is truly, unconditionally supportive of who she is and wants to be with her. I really liked that scene because it was the moment of Olivia expressing that in order for her to get her life together she has to press the reset button. She has to deal with herself and walk away from it all. The fact that he says that he can do that with her is so powerful to me.”
Kerry Washington—she obsesses over Scandal just. Like. Us. Maybe obsesses is a strong word, being that she is the show’s Emmy-nominated star. Still, she has her favorite moments from the Shondaland hit, as all #Gladiators do. Washington, who’s priming for a Thursday-night takeover as part of Shonda Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy-Scandal-How to Get Away with Murder trifecta, told The Daily Beast her top scenes from season three... and it’s must re-watch TV.
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