NYFW Fall 2014: A Day in the Life of Assistant Features Editor, Lauren Kaplan

By Lauren Kaplan February 08, 2014
The first show of the day took place downtown and was rather mindblowing. The rainbow-brite display was powered by the knitting machines that create Degen's clothes, and the whole thing felt a little rave-y. Alas, it was 11AM and I hadn't yet had any coffee...yikes.
My day began with a manicure—because, well, priorities. But truly, I wasn't about to go hit up Lincoln Center and snap photos all day with chipped nails. A swift pace and my coated jeans kept me [relatively] warm throughout the morning.
After checking in at the office and grabbing a quick bite, I headed to the Rubin & Chapelle presentation, where I was captivated not only by the clothes, but by the serpentine backdrop, as well. I snapped a picture because I thought it might make for an artsy Instagram.
Executive decision to use public transportation for the rest of the day. I am a huge fan of efficiency and hate sitting in traffic, so I hopped on the 1 train – AKA. The direct link between Lincoln Center and Milk Studios.
A successful appointment at Coach, and a huge cup of coffee as my reward! Today was a dark lip day, and I think I'm really getting the hang of this lipstick thing.
Next up was an appointment at at Coach(!), which required a taxi ride all the way up the west side and through whatever traffic has been gnarling Manhattan streets this week.
These. Shoes. Words cannot describe how badly I wanted to slip my frostbitten feet into these stylish little shearling-lined booties. Perfect amounts utilitarian, masculine and luxe, I really just need them this fall.
I didn't wear my Rag & Bone booties today for nothing. The highlight of my fashion week thus far was having the opportunity to attend the Rag & Bone show. And it wasn't just because every attendee appeared to agree with my belief that black is by far the best color ever. Or because they were serving homemade doughnuts and cider. It was because the clothes were incredible! And I spied the booties I'll be wearing to next season's show.
To decompress and try to fit in a few more interviews, Angel and I headed to The Daily Modelinia party at Harlow. The fact that the place would be swamped with models didn't hit me until I found myself holding a [large] glass of wine surrounded by too many good-looking men. Naturally, we decided to take a picture with some of them to document it. These studs taught gave me a couple of posing pointers and now, I'm basically a model.
Back uptown for Rebecca Minkoff! I file in with an enormous crowd and barely get settled before Carrie Underwood takes her seat in front of me. And then Zosia Mamet sits next to her. And Anna Kendrick next to her. And Anna Sophia Robb next to her. Not only did Minkoff put on a killer show, but it seemed like everyone really wanted to be a part of it.
Post-show, I met up with a friend who I met last season (we kept showing up for the same backstage beauty calls) We were both rather distressed over the status of our iPhone batteries, thanks to that silly little thing we call Instagram—which filled up an entire wall of screens just outside The Theatre. We decided to spend some time catching up and hogging an outlet in a nearby Starbucks.
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