Back to the Cell Block: What’s Next on Orange is the New Black

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By Valis Vicenty June 05, 2014
Piper Chapman

We last saw Chapman fighting for her life against prison evangelist Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett, who came after her with a shiv made from a cross (natch). The cliffhanger left fans on the edge of their seats. On June 6, we’ll see how both come out of the fight and how our protagonist faces the consequences of her actions.
Alex Vause

Vause is ready to move on after getting spurned by Chapman and subsequently breaking up her engagement. She became close to fellow inmate Nicky Nichols throughout the season, but it wasn’t until the final episode that we saw Nichols was after something more. We’ll see if love blossoms behind prison walls.
Galina “Red” Reznikov

Red was dethroned as queen of the kitchen at the end of the season and replaced by Gloria Mendoza. After trying to sabotage Mendoza's new position with a grease fire, the head chef denied food to her as payback. Red isn't likely to back down when the smuggling operation that ran through her kitchen is at stake. She'll find a way back into her chef's hat or pin Mendoza with the smuggling ring.
Dayanara Diaz

Diaz is stuck between a pornstache and a hard place. After finding out she’s pregnant with prison guard John Bennett's child, she gets involved in a plot to put out the corrupt and pervy prison guard, George Mendez. Though she does get caught with Mendez, he’s only forced to take unpaid leave while she’s left to pick up the pieces with Bennett. We’re keeping our fingers crossed to see if their relationship survives the scandal.
Tasha “Taystee” Jefferson

Though Jefferson got a taste of freedom during the first season, she ended up back at Litchfield quickly after being unable to adjust to life on the outside. As Chapman’s feud with Doggett comes to a head, Jefferson and her pals give Chapman a few fighting tips that come in handy. With her knowledge of the prison’s library, we wonder how she’ll spend her new sentence.
Sophia Burset

Burset has been at a contentious position with her son, who couldn’t accept her transition or visit her at the prison. Her family started to move on with their lives and explore new romantic interests, but Burset still wants to be involved. When all hope was lost at the end of the season, a light came in the form of a card from her son. Hopefully this season, he’ll visit Litchfield to make amends.
Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren

After her failed attempts to woo Chapman, Crazy Eyes finally became friends with the newest inmate at Litchfield. Unfortunately, Chapman’s tales of prison life she shares with her ex-fiancé become misconstrued as he inaccurately retells them. Crazy Eyes learns of the hurtful comments when Larry is interviewed on the radio about his relationship with Chapman. We hope Chapman and Crazy Eyes will be able to make up once season 2 starts.
George “Pornstache” Mendez

The house finally came down on Mendez and his corrupt ways. He smuggled drugs through Red’s kitchen, harassed and had inappropriate relations with the inmates. He was finally caught and forced to take leave, lest he end up in orange himself. We wonder how he’ll make it back to the prison and if he’ll continue his side operation after the scandal.
Sam Healy

Dissatisfied at home with his mail-order bride, Healey was immediately taken with Chapman. He favored her side in many arguments and even added her to the WAC council. Once he found she was involved with other girls, he had her sent to the SHU (Security Housing Unit/Solitary). He continued distancing himself from her as her relationship with Vause developed and imploded, even leaving her to be attacked by Pennsatucky. Will Healy move on from his rejection or will he find new ways to torture Chapman?
Nicky Nichols

Nichols spent most of season one in a love triangle with fellow inmate Lorna Morello and Morello’s fantasy fiancé she left behind. While Morello played hot and cold with her (all while planning her imaginary wedding from behind bars), Nichols started looking at Vause first as a friend and, by the end of the season, possibly as something more. Will she be able to move on from Morello?
Larry Bloom

Bloom gained notoriety for writing about his relationship with Chapman and handling her prison sentence. But he found himself on the outs when he discovered Chapman’s relationship with Vause. He broke up with Chapman at the end of the season after failing to keep Vause away from her and poisoned their relationship. We wonder if the breakup will become Bloom’s next big article.
Yvonne “Vee" Parker

There’s a new inmate in the cellblock this season, and she apparently goes way back with Red. Sentenced to the prison as a drug lord who used children as mules, Vee’s known to be ruthless. She’s bound to weave her way into the lives of the other inmates, starting with Crazy Eyes, in her pursuit to be Litchfield’s queen bee. If so, how long will her reign last?
Orange about to become even hotter as the Netflix favorite returns for Season 2. Beginning on June 6,viewers will head back to Litchfield to find out what’s happened to the incredible cast of inmates--and this time, there's a new (and possibly sinister) addition. If you’ve been living under a rock, or just haven’t binge-watched the series yet, we’re giving you the scoop on where the story left off and what we hope happens next.
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