A Behind the Scenes Look at Shakespeare in the Park

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By Channing Hargrove June 23, 2014
A complete look at all the costumes from Much Ado About Nothing.
Public Theater Costume Master Luke McDonough walked us through the costume shack.
In the costume shack, McDonough showed us how the costumes were dried without compromising their look...
... with a fan under the skirt of the dress of one of the lead actresses.
Luke wouldn't tell us which character was wearing what... but we love this very GLAM dress.
A closer look at the outfits for an officer and gentle[woman].
These boots were clearly made for walking.
A highly-decorated jacket, that still would be considered 'in season' now.
Another sneak peek at the costumes for the cast of Much Ado About Nothing.
Love the collar on this dress.
A close look at a few of the masks worn during the show.
Luke demonstrates how fake blood is made and worn on stage. Don't worry, Tide will get the stain right out!
Where all the magic happens. Over 500 loads of laundry are washed each night of the show. Needless to say, that calls for a lot of Tide.
Since 1962, The Delacorte Theater in New York City’s Central Park has provided timeless summer entertainment for over five million people with more than 150 free productions of Shakespeare and other classical works. Now, with the help of Tide, the show will continue to go on—with it’s best costumes, yet. “We are honored to partner with The Public Theater to help keep the costumes for this season’s shows in great shape,” Tide Associate Marketing Director Karen Scholosser said. “The Public has been trusting Tide backstage for years and we know that from the big stages of New York City to the little stages of everyday life, Tide can be trusted to keep your beloved garments like costumes looking great.” “I am thrilled that Tide has joined us this summer as the official wardrobe care partner for free Shakespeare in the Park after trusting the product backstage for years,” said Public Theater Costume Master Luke McDonough. “I trust Tide to keep the costumes fresh and vibrant which is always a challenge with the outdoor elements at the Delacorte Theater. Audiences wait in line for free tickets so we owe it to them to give them the best-looking show every night. … And we are pleased to give you a behind the scenes look at the costumes for Much Ado About Nothing.
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