Tantalizing Celeb Vacation Spots

The Necker Island
Lake Como
Saint-Tropez The Necker Island Mallorca Lake Como Croatia
By Channing Hargrove April 15, 2013
One of the most passionate celebrity destinations, this spot on the French Riviera has always historically been a regular for the ‘in’ crowd as an extravagant place to vacation – from models to millionaires.
74-acre Necker Island in the BVIs is where the adventurous stars go to water ski, kite, surf and explore on the Aero submarine to their heart’s content. If you’re one for a bold and adventurous vacation, look no further.
Not into beach vacays? Take a page from celebrity clientele who decide to yacht through this Balearic Island in the middle of the Mediterranean.
Italy’s Lake Como serves as the home away from home for many Hollywood celebrities. When they find time between red carpet events and busy shooting schedules, starlets spend time at tantalizing lakeside villas, sunning themselves and taking advantage of the much needed relaxation.
Croatia often rivals other European seaside areas, attracting superstars for its beaches, sailing and tasty cuisine.
You may not have paparazzi following you, or stylists doing all your shopping but that doesn’t mean that you can vacation like one of Hollywood’s rich and famous. Here are 5 tantalizing destinations that regularly appear on the passport pages of our favorite celebrities.
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