Joke’s On You: A Look at Vitalii Sediuk’s Preposterous Pranks

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By Angel Lenise May 30, 2014
Brad Pitt was busy signing autographs for fans at the May 28th world premiere of Maleficent in Hollywood when Sediuk jumped over a barricade, knocking Pitt’s shades off and nearly hitting him in the face.
He was quickly escorted out of the event by L.A.’s finest. The 25-year-old is still in jail, two days later, on $20,000 bond.
While still employed at Ukraine’s 1+1 channel, Sediuk crawled under America Ferrera’s Georges Hobeika gown at the Cannes Film Festival premiere of How to Train Your Dragon 2.
France‘s finest didn’t want him around, either.
We’re still waiting on our Met Gala invite, but apparently, Sediuk thought it best to crash the Charles James celebration on May 5th instead. We hope Anna didn’t get a peek... trust us, you don’t want to see what’s happening behind that coat.
During New York Fashion Week in February, Sediuk managed to crash Prabal Gurung’s Fall 2014 show and take to the catwalk. We’re puzzled as to how he made it inside the same show denied to André Leon Talley because he was fashionably late.
Crotch hugs apparently became a thing for Sediuk earlier this year, too. Here he is showing Leonardo DiCaprio a little “affection” on February 6th at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.
And again on the red carpet of the 20th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 18th--this time to nominee Bradley Cooper.
Jenny from the Block did her best to block Sediuk from ruining Adele’s acceptance speech for Best Pop Solo Performance at the February 10, 2013 Grammy Awards.
Right after his Grammy stunt, Sediuk channeled Björk’s March 2001 swan dress at the 2013 Academy Awards.
Will Smith showed Sediuk no love when he attempted to kiss the actor at his 2012 Moscow premiere of Men In Black III.
Sediuk showed off his milder side in 2011 when he gave Madonna flowers at the Venice Film Festival. How sweet?!
Ukrainian “journalist” Vitalii Sediuk has been the purveyor of red-carpet and awards-show pranks for years now; but his most recent antic against Brad Pitt at Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent premiere was the final straw. After headlines surged of Sediuk “punching” Pitt in the face, he was promptly arrested outside, and reportedly banned from all Hollywood events.  As it turns out, he wasn’t even in attendance to “cover” the screening on behalf of his news station. Ukraine’s Channel 1+1 told CNN that he had been dismissed from duty after crawling under America Ferrera’s gown at Cannes. “1+1 Media Company is sorry for the inconvenience caused to the American actress America Ferrera by the journalist’s behavior,” network spokeswoman Galyna Grubliak said in a statement. “Such behavior of the journalist is contrary to the values ​​of the company and notions of journalistic ethics.” As is Sediuk’s wrap sheet. Not only is he banned for life from L.A. Complex, he is under three years probation and is “being held by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department on suspicion of battery, pending $20,000 bond,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. Though we may miss the gossip associated with Sediuk’s shenanigans, we’re sure all of Hollywood is relieved at his demise.
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