Get a Zhu Zhu Pet Tomorrow Morning at Walmart!

By  December 22, 2009

Attention Moms and Last-Second Shoppers!!! The holiday season’s must-have toy is now available at Walmart.


Your children have been begging for a Zhu Zhu pet and you’ve been looking without any luck. Well, your quest ends bright and early tomorrow morning. Walmart stores around the country are getting minimum shipments of 20 Zhu Zhu pets at 7 AM. Set the alarm,  bundle up, and get a good spot in line! It’s first come first serve and one per customer. Good luck snagging the coveted toy for your kids! If you have one of these little guys under the tree, you’ll be this year’s holiday hero! (Sorry, Santa!)

P.S.  Don’t know what the Zhu Zhu craze is all about? Soft, cuddly, and cute, a Zhu Zhu Pet is a realistic toy hampster. It moves, scurries, snuggles, and squeaks with over 40 unique sound effects. So adorable!