Sofia Vergara Talks Style, Sex Appeal, and Strengthening Her Kmart Collection

By  September 28, 2012

AFTER CAUSING A SERIOUS STIR at the Emmys in her aquatic Zuhair Murad gown, Sofia Vergara has slipped into something of her own design. The Modern Family star and Kmart designer has expanded her collection to include fine jewelry, sleepwear, and even bedding! We got a chance to chat with the multi-tasking mama yesterday to find out who she crafted her collection for, how Gloria got such great style, and if she’ll design her own wedding gown!

Q: This has been a busy year for you. What has been most exciting?
A: It has been a great year! I had a great season with Modern Family. My [clothing] collection [has been around for a] whole year, and it is getting better. Now I am not just doing the clothing, I am doing bedding [too]. Kmart wants me to do so many things for them. I feel honored. I can’t complain. When I have time, [I'll] do a movie in between.
Q: It seems you’re mixing both Sofia and Gloria into your line. Was it your idea or the designers to have you bring it on set?
A: Actually, most of the ideas for Gloria’s wardrobe are my idea. I kind of created the way Gloria dresses. And everybody loved it! When we started the show everyone said, “Gloria dresses fantastic!” so I started to bring to the collection the same ideas I brought to Gloria’s wardrobe.
Q: Do you think she’ll dress different now that she’s pregnant?
A: She’s wearing all these shirts and dresses from Kmart./td>
Q: How do you feel you’ve grown as a designer in the last year?
A: Well I’ve learned a lot. We’ve only had one year for the collection, but I think it’s getting better and better. For me, it’s easier to understand what materials work, what designs work. Because it’s not just [about] wanting to bring something from the runways to an affordable price, you have to pick materials, pick colors. If I have one material in one color, it can look cheap, but in another, it looks luxurious. So it’s about learning and experiencing.
Q: What kind of woman did you have in mind when you began designing for your collection?
A: The normal woman, the woman who is on a budget but still wants to look cute and sexy but can’t be uncomfortable the whole time because she has to clean the house or go and get the kids or has to go to work and has to sit for hours at a desk. [Clothes] that are going to look cute and sexy and they can mix and match with more expensive things and create great looks. And [for] the woman who is not perfect. Maybe they don’t look like Miss. Universe, but they have something great that they can showcase, like great cleavage or great legs or a nice waist — that’s what I was thinking of.
Q: What is the most surprising reaction you’ve gotten from someone you’ve seen wearing your clothes?
A: One of the best things for me is to go into the street and randomly find somebody that is wearing one of my tops. It is so crazy because I cannot remember numbers or names or anything, but I can remember every single top and every single pant. Whenever I see them, I ask, “Is that from Kmart?” and they’re like, “Yes, I love it!”
Q: We’re used to seeing you on red carpets, but the line shows the more practical side of you. What’s your philosophy for dressing for everyday life?
A: I’m not a very practical person with dressing — if my shoes hurt, I don’t care; I’ll suffer. But I wanted to create a brand that’s affordable, comfortable, and versatile. You can wear one of the leggings and a top or a dress for the daytime, but at night, you can accessorize by putting some tights on for a night out. So I wanted to create pieces that you can wear for many things, not just for one.
Q: Speaking of those famous curves, you recently told Katie Couric that when you arrived in Hollywood, people suggested you reduce your breasts, but you chose not to.
A: Someone said that when I was starting in Hollywood that I should [get a breast reduction] so I would look better in the dresses and look better next to the other actresses, because they look better because they are less voluptuous. It is true — they look better! But then I looked at her and said, “Well, they look better in pictures, but I look better naked!”
Q: Would you ever consider getting any plastic surgery now?
A: I am sure I am going to do it. Not something crazy. Little things here and there when the time comes. Hopefully when that happens there are going to be even better treatments.
Q: What makes you feel sexy?
A: I love designers like Dolce & Gabbana. They do a lot of stretchy materials. I am always thinking [about] women wanting to be a little bit sexy — not crazy, but sexy.
Q: Now that you’re engaged, do you want to design your own dress for your wedding?
A: I haven’t been thinking about it at all, because I just came from a very big party that I did for my 40th birthday. My assistant would kill me if I make him go through a whole preparation of another big party so soon!