Spin Your Hair Right Round…

By  July 22, 2009

There are so many tools out there geared to do many different things to our hair, and owning all can easily take up so much room on our bathroom counters. To clear up some of the clutter, we’ve found the InStyler. It’s a rotating iron that can straighten, curl and give you volume easily without the worry of damaging your locks.

It works like this: simply run the InStyler through your hair like you would a flat iron. The bristles detangle your tresses while the heated cylinder rotates, resulting in straight, smooth, shiny strands.

For those messy beauty mavens who are looking for more bang for their buck, this multi-purpose styling tool is the perfect space and money saver.

Available for $14.99 at GetInStyler.com

xx, Valis Vicenty