Spotlight on Fiberwig Mascara

By  March 16, 2007

fiberwig.jpgHey GLAM girls! If you’re an aficionada of all things übergirly, strutting around town with ridiculously long lashes is probably a daily occurrence for you. Since you’re already applying mascara and/or falsies on a regular basis, ATTENTION – this one’s for you: Fiberwig. This mascara cuts out the extra step – it actually paints on false lashes for you! Amazing, right?

For slinky, film-coated lashes all you have to do is apply Fiberwig from root to tip – a few strokes should do it for you (although, the more you apply, the longer they get). The best part? It doesn’t clump or smudge at all. Raccoon eyes be gone!

I’ll admit – I’m COMPLETELY obsessed. I’ve been using my Fiberwig mascara every single day. (Last weekend, I almost passed out when I realized I’d left it in my desk). If long, luscious lashes is your thing, head over to your nearest Sephora; it’s only $22. Hurry though – buzz about Fiberwig is spreading like wildfire though America (it’s already the #1 mascara in Japan). Get on it! They’ll probably sell out in the blink of a (long-lashed) eye…

P.S. – Big shout-out to Gwen over at FYI Public Relations for turning me on to Fiberwig. I love you for life doll!

I-J, a.k.a. The Beauty GLAMonista


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