I must confess, after reading about all the common face-washing mistakes I was making, I became a little paranoid and decided to take it a step further with my beauty routine.[...]
We've all been here: You have a favorite blush/bronzer/face powder/eye shadow that you use absolutely every day and take with you every place you go.[...]
You know those moments when you're walking and you accidentally hit your shin against a table, or that scar you got when you were 8 from skinning your knee?[...]
And the winners in skincare products for 2012 are...I haven't included a cleanser as there were quite a few favourites.[...]
I don’t apply these on a daily basis but anytime I actually ‘get dressed’ or when I know I’ll be out all day, I use what I like to call the game changers.[...]
Similar to my obsession with watching cooking shows then attempting to translate them from the TV to my kitchen, makeup videos come in at a close second in my tutorial love. [...]
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