I stumbled across Jennifer Lashbrook’s booth yesterday at a Savannah Arts and Crafts show along the river, and came across the most aesthetic images created with the most eccentric medium.[...]
Actress Lea Michele is one of my favorites.  Her bungalow dining room is my new favorite.  And if I didn’t already love her as the adorable singing over-achieving Jewish girl on Glee, I fell hard for her dreamy living space, and her
There are times when we obsess about décor and furnishings. Some of us save up to buy that single iconic chair or loveseat that will elevate the interiors to a whole new level.[...]
With neutral interiors becoming all the rave across the globe, there is a new found interest inaccent shades and effervescent color schemes.[...]
Nestled into 550 square feet of space in Brooklyn, New York, this residence is not only an eclectic mixture of earthy prints and tones but a beautiful melting pot of west coast found treasures moved and assimilated to the East
Turquoise is much more than another color from the gemstone lineup. Its many shades, hues and tones combine to paint a world of joyousness and glee.[...]
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