Donna Karan is known for her philanthropic efforts, regularly aiming to provide support and aid to Haiti.[...]
I can’t tell you how often I cringe when looking at people’s selfies on Instagram. Why do people feel the need to make duck faces and chuck up deuces every time they take a photo of themselves?
Glam caught up with Elisa Dahan, co-founder and co-designer of Mackage.  Her busy days are spent with family, friends and inspirational fashion icons—all while designing, merchandising, and planning for current and upcoming
After toiling behind the scenes in the jewelry world, native New Yorker Melissa Lovy decided it was time to branch out and help women accessorize with her baubles! With one look at her creations, we’re especially thankful that she
Glam caught up with New York Dermatologist, Dr. Debra Jaliman, as she screens patients for skin cancer, injects others with Botox and follows her own trade secrets to a healthy life. Here she shares her daily schedule.
Glam caught up with Bluemercury Co-founder Marla Malcolm Beck, as she puts the finishing touches on the newest products of her M-61 skincare line [...]
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