You guys know I’m not the biggest advocate of BB creams (I don’t mind the extra steps of putting on moisturizer, SPF, coverage, etc. plus many BBs I’ve tried were too “heavy” for me and yet still didn’t give me the type of
Catch Yaya the September issue of InStlye!
This weather is so disrespectful to my beauty routine. I really wish that someone other than Mother Nature would be in charge of this hideous weather because she is failing miserably.[...]
Vlogger Chime has discovered an inventive (and inexpensive!) way to get heatless curls — bubble wrap!
“On Beauty” is our original, inspirational series dedicated to beauty, self-love and self-awareness. With fresh-faces and in their own elements, beautiful women from around the world share in their own words what they mean when they
For some of us, going natural did not stop with our hair.  It continued with a move towards mixing our own “natural” products.[...]
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