Spring Cleaning Supplies You Need Now

By  April 29, 2010

Spring cleaning carries with it the opportunity to renew and refresh your home, but tackling the messes and clutter can be quite overwhelming. Last night was had the opportunity to get some tips and tricks from Robert Verdi, who also shared these spring cleaning must haves with us. Check them out for a haute home that’s spic, span and stylish.

1. Kim, Seybert Coral Embroidered Hand Towels, $84 (for a set of 4)
Give your guests something beautiful and luxe to dry there hands on.

2. Dyson DC24 The Ball Ultra Lightweight Upright Vacuum, $399.99
Make vacuuming into a fun activity with this versatile appliance. Plus its asthma and allergy free.

3. Built NY Market Tote, $40
Store your cleaning supplies in this washable tote so you can move them around with ease and avoid creating a mess.

4. Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush 2-in-1 Starter Kit, $6.99
Few of us can afford a maid and cleaning our toilets isn’t exactly enjoyable; this brush kit from Scrubbing Bubbles makes the process painless.

5. Alice Supply Co Striped Dustpan & Broom Set, $40
Cleaning up crumbs has never been so chic. Choose a pattern that matches your decor.

6. The Good Home Co. Sheet and Clothing Spray Set, $40
If your linens reek and you don’t have time to wash them, simply spritz one of these refreshing sprays and your bed will smell as good as new.