Staycations, Vacations, & Cocktail Hour with Cynthia Vincent

By  November 06, 2013


Speaking from experience, there’s a place in every woman’s closet for Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent. Her super-chic, contemporary aesthetic of fashion-meets-function is ideal for the girl-on-the-go.

As a result, I seized the opportunity to visit Cynthia Vincent at her Nolita boutique and chat about her most recent Resort collection – but what I really loved was getting to know the woman behind the brand.

Q: Glam: Congrats on 10 years with Twelfth Street! How did you celebrate?
An intimate, casual dinner with amazing food at Goldie’s Restaurant in LA.
Q: Your designs are perfect for the girl-on-the-go – and for any event on her calendar. What’s your interpretation of the Twelfth Street Girl?
A: She’s boho – even if just in spirit. It’s more about the mindset – she loves fashion and trends but isn’t consumed by either of them.
Q: Totally. You can put on any item from the collection and not think about it the rest of the day – every piece is stylish, yet functional.
A: Yes! I think a woman looks her most sexy – but not overtly so – when she’s comfortable. For me, it’s always about how you feel great in what you’re wearing.
Q: Tell us about this year’s Resort collection.
A: Since it was my 10 year [anniversary] I focused on home – LA. I’m really embodying that right now, embracing what’s in my backyard.  It’s about a mindset and a spirit – you can put on a dress and take yourself away or be present and feel that boho spirit. Even in the city!
Q: Speaking of which, any dream vacations or exciting travel on the horizon?
A: We’re going to Sweden and Switzerland this winter. We were just in Tulum, which is sort of my getaway. I love to travel, whether real or imagined. I love what I do so I always try to I try to bring that into my collection. Although this summer was all about the staycation. I arbitrarily booked weekends at my cottage in Malibu and spent them there with my daughter and a few friends.
Q: And what do you do on your staycations?
A: Redecorate! I bring all of my stuff so that I feel at home – you’d laugh. My pillows, blankets and so on. We picnic on the beach, hike in the hills, and invite friends for lunches and dinners. They bring the food so I don’t have to do anything but host – it’s great. It’s fun, easy and I still felt like I was on vacation.
Q: What else did you do this summer?
A: We had a rollerskating party! I took the team and gave prizes for the best outfit.
Q: So fun! Okay, it’s cocktail hour and we’re buying. What’ll it be?
A: Ooh – I like a rendition of the Moscow mule. I love citrus and ginger, but I add real lime and hard-pressed ginger to give mine a contemporary twist.
Q: Just like you do in your designs.
A: Exactly! It’s how I approach life
Q: And do you have a favorite piece from the resort collection?
A: I have a couple, but I really like the scarf that’s emblazoned with a map of LA. I even put my favorite places on the index.
Q: Okay, last question. If you had to choose: New York or LA?
A: Do I have to?

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