Summer Lovin’

By  July 23, 2009


Men’s and women’s fragrances are meant to be complimentary, and DKNY‘s newest fragrances go a bit further by practically falling in love. Love from New York are dual fragrances that capture that feeling of falling heads over heels in the midst of the world’s capital. The women’s scent is light and refreshing with a blend of flowers and fruit like water lily, black current and apricot lining. The men’s is a mix of citrus and spice with notes of clementine, cardamom and black suede. Both men’s and women’s fragrances are chic and modern but have a classic feel to them, typical of city life. Even if you don’t have a summer romance going on at the moment, these scents will still give you that feeling of floating above the city’s skyline.

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xx, Valis Vicenty