"Ugly" Holiday Sweaters That Are Hardly Awful

  by Katherine Fotinos

We can only hope the gift from Aunt Mildred sitting under the tree is one of these holiday sweaters rather than the usual red and green pom pom encrusted wonder the sweet lady finds so endearing. Making the leap from tacky to tempting, [...]

Tags: cute, festive, holiday, knits, not tacky, spirit, sweater, tacky, ugly christmas sweater

The Defintion of Cute

  by Lauren Barth

So, I know that this video has made its way around the web like a billion times by now ... In no way do I think that I'm giving you an original piece of content. You've definitely seen it. Unless, of course, you're oblivious to everything. [...]

Tags: cute, adorable, cats, glam, glam media, kittens, surprised kitty
Mommy & Me Cardis

Mommy & Me Cardis

  by admin

We love a cute cardigan so naturally we're adoring these super cute creations by Rebecca Taylor for the doting mother and her little princess. The designer has created matching "mommy & me" cardigans in gorgeous colors (pinks, purples) and [...]

Tags: cute, cardigans, kids, mom, mommy and me, rebecca taylor
Parisian Pop, to the Maxx

Parisian Pop, to the Maxx

  by Amy Zhang

We don't just love French elegance and Parisian chic—we covet it, wholeheartedly and unabashedly. So naturally, we adore the Dana-Maxx Spring/Summer 2009 collection, titled ‘Parisian Pop,' influenced by French pop singers, and [...]

Tags: cute, Chic, collection, colorful, Dana-Maxx, feminine, french, French pop, fun, Parisian, playful, spring 2009, spring/summer 2009, summer 2009