Satisfy Your Crafting Craving with M&J Trimming’s Project DIY

Satisfy Your Crafting Craving with M&J Trimming’s Project DIY

  by Lauren Kaplan

If you have yet to walk into M&J Trimming, be warned: you’ve never experienced what it is to be overwhelmed in the best way until you’ve seen this place. From walls lined with buttons to rolls of ribbon stashed on shelves, M&J Trimming [...]

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Glam Updates Classic Costume Ideas: Pirate

Glam Updates Classic Costume Ideas: Pirate

  by Michelle Kushner

The classic pirate costume is an oldie but a goodie. You can be sure that box-office topper Captain Phillips—despite not being a light-hearted pirate story—will still put this costume at the forefront of everyone's mind.  To add to [...]

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Indie Lee Does DIY

Indie Lee Does DIY

  by Valis Vicenty

Things have come for circle for Indie Lee and Beautylish. The beauty buff got her daily fix from the site when it first took off, and after spreading her wings with her own brand of all-natural skincare, she celebrated her launch on the [...]

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Party Report: A Night of DIY Denim with Refinery29 and Levi's

  by Glam Editors

THE PARTY: Refinery29 + Levi's I-DIY Denim Night THE PLACE: Levi's on Market Street, San Francisco THE DEETS: Levi's and Refinery29 teamed up for a night of DIY, music, ice-cream sandwiches, and whiskey infused espresso. Blogger [...]

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