DURING JOSHUA MCKINLEY'S time in the Project Runway workroom, he and the other competitors had the chance to work with some of the latest technology. Now he’s stepping his tech game up with the newest offerings from Lenovo and heading
THE WESTFIELD GARDEN STATE PLAZA has been home to many a mallrat and, in recent years, has undergone a transformation from mass shopping mecca to luxury retail gallery. The latest addition, Uniqlo, is bumping up the mart’s profile to a
As the style reporter for the Wall Street Journal, Eliabeth Holmes has a celebrated ability for creating viral content that's engaging and enlightening, turning into an inevitable must-discuss at any cocktail party that evening. From the
As one of the current Victoria's Secret Angels, Candice Swanepoel struts her stuff down the glittery catwalk and the high fashion runways. Hailing from South Africa, she pairs her otherworldly beauty with an amazingly kind and gentle
While the majority of New York is asleep, Jamie Shupak is already starting her work day - updating city residents on the day's commute situation as the traffic reporter for NY 1. Between filming, she'll regularly update her Twitter feed
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