A line of ladies touting large rolling bags were ready to roll out the newest and most innovative products from their respective brands at the 18th Annual Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Awards Product Demonstration last week. Though the
Truth? I've never really had to wear foundation. I'll get a random pimple here or there every now and then, but for the most part, my complexion tends to err on the side of spotless. Until recently. Lately I've been battling a few small
Name one woman of color who hasn't left a cosmetics counter feeling confused, frustrated, and utterly disgusted. For her—more often than not—shopping for the perfect foundation shade is her very own Mission: Impossible. Yes,
Foundation is the root of all makeup, but also the hardest to master. Many oil-based formulations can get clumpy, feel heavy, can smear, and can even cause breakouts, so many turned to mineral makeup. While this trend has steadily picked
This fall, don't get lost in the crowd—stand out! Dolce & Gabbana just made doing so much easier. The designer duo, along with help from Makeup Artist Pat Mcgrath, has cooked up something new: a makeup line, entitled The Make Up. The