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How to "Nail It" Like Kim Kardashian

  by Glam Editors

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, but the girl is a trendsetter. From fashion to beauty, Kanye’s leading lady knows what’s in style, and this season, she’s calling out the crescent moon mani. The reality star turned Vogue cover [...]

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Super Sweet Spring & Easter-Inspired Nail Art Tutorials

Super Sweet Spring & Easter-Inspired Nail Art Tutorials

  by Cara Chronis

Spring is here but it's still pretty cold and there's still snow on the what's a girl to do? Celebrate spring on her nails! 1. Sweet Spring Nail Art for Beginners The ladies at We Heart This don't want you go fear nail [...]

Tags: nail files, cosmetic cupcake, manicure, nail polish, nails, pshiiit, so nailicious, spring, The Beauty Department
Sephora Brand Top Five Faves

Sephora Brand Top Five Faves

  by India-Jewel Jackson

Besides for ice cream and weekend trips to the beach, there's really no better way to indulge in summer than by purchasing fantastic beauty products that just scream warm weather. Sephora Brand put together their favorite products, and [...]

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