Celebrities Layer-Up in Stylish Sophistication at Sundance 2014

  by Katherine Fotinos

Proving that it's possible to bundle up and look chic too, Diane Kruger, Christina Hendricks, and Rachel McAdams brought snow-dressing to a whole new level with their sophisticated  ensembles during the Sundance 2014 festivities this [...]

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Back In Time with Domhnall Gleeson, Richard Curtis, and Bill Nighy

  by Angel Lenise

There are two things to note when watching sci-fi-meets-rom-com About Time. One: it's not your typical science fiction film. Two: it isn't just a romantic comedy. Richard Curtis’ latest work finds us falling for Domhnall [...]

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Star Scoop: Kanye Keeps Up with Kris, Judging JLo, Girls Snaps Season Three Promo

  by Angel Lenise

In news we kinda-sorta saw coming, Kanye West takes on Kris. North West's dad sat down with (future mother-in-law?) Kris Jenner yesterday for an hour-long interview that will air on her talk show this Friday. It will be the first [...]

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Star Scoop: Kelly Rowland Airs Out ‘Dirty Laundry,’ Mariah Carey Plots World Tour, USC’s Dr. Dre Academy

  by Angel Lenise

Fans of Kelly Rowland's charismatic sex appeal were exposed to a darker side of the Destiny's Child alum with the release of her third single from Talk A Good Game, “Dirty Laundry.” In the candid ballad, Rowland opens up about her [...]

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Morning Glory: Interview With Harrison Ford

  by Lauren Barth

Harrison Ford reminds us a bit of his character Mike Pomeroy in the new movie Morning Glory. When it comes to the news, they both prefer a no-nonsense, fluff-free approach. Not to mention that they're both sort of intimidating. We talked [...]

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