Back In Time with Domhnall Gleeson, Richard Curtis, and Bill Nighy

Back In Time with Domhnall Gleeson, Richard Curtis, and Bill Nighy

  by Angel Lenise

There are two things to note when watching sci-fi-meets-rom-com About Time. One: it's not your typical science fiction film. Two: it isn't just a romantic comedy. Richard Curtis’ latest work finds us falling for Domhnall [...]

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Glam Interviews the Stars of <i>Pirate Radio</i>

Glam Interviews the Stars of Pirate Radio

  by Lauren Barth

Glam traveled to London to interview the stars of Richard Curtis's new ensemble comedy, Pirate Radio. We talked to Bill Nighy, Tom Sturridge, Nick Frost, and Talulah Riley. Check it out! And go see Pirate Radio in theaters tomorrow.

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Fall Flicks!

Fall Flicks!

  by Aanchal

While summer is taking its time to get here, fall flicks will arrive sooner than you think! With a line-up of comedies and dramas, both in British and American film, there's a little something for everyone at the movies! The Invention [...]

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