#TBT: Miranda Kerr’s Modeling Beginnings

#TBT: Miranda Kerr’s Modeling Beginnings

  by Lauren Kaplan

Before she was a Victoria’s Secret Angel (and so much more), Miranda Kerr was a 13-year-old with dreams of being a model. In 1997, the Australian teen submitted her photos to a modeling contest in Dolly and won—not just the [...]

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Throwback Thursday: Do You Remember These Childhood Favorites?

  by Glam Editors

The times have changed—and our favorite childhood characters along with it. Oh, how we sometimes yearn for the past. You’ll smile over our list of fantastical personalities from back in the day, as well as the makeovers they’ve [...]

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Celebs Instagram Their #TBTS

Celebs Instagram Their #TBTS

  by Samantha Bortniker

Throwback Thursday has taken on an Instagram life of its own, and everyone loves to get in on the throwback action. Jessica Alba took it back to when she was a blonde in  Never Been Kissed; Kim Kardashian made waves with a throwback snap [...]

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Julie Bowen Goes Back to Her Beauty Roots Neutrogena

Julie Bowen Goes Back to Her Beauty Roots Neutrogena

  by Valis Vicenty

Julie Bowen is making her triumphant return to Neutrogena after over 10 years away from the brand. The Emmy nominee teased the announcement by uploading an old ad from 2001 for Throwback Thursday before tweeting the good news to her [...]

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