Taylor Swift Does Glam Damn Well

By  December 08, 2009

For a girl who had a rocky moment earlier this year (who can forget that tragic Kanye West incident or the unfortunate swastika scandal), things are certainly starting to look up for 19-year-old Taylor Swift, especially now that she’s “dating” the other hot Taylor, and has EIGHT Grammy nominations under her belt.

But I’m way off topic.

At this year’s MTV Video Awards, the adorable country-pop singer-songwriter hit the red carpet literally looking like a dream: flawless shimmery skin, tomato red lips, cherry red nails—hey, if the music thing doesn’t work out (as if), we’re willing to bet that she could have a pretty solid career in modeling!


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2. Hampton Sun Serious Shimm Cooling Spray in Bronze, $32 at HamptonSun.com.

3. Rescue Beauty Nail Polish in Chinoise, $18 at RescueBeauty.com.

xx, India-Jewel Jackson
Twitter: OnGlamBeauty