The 5 Worst TV Dads

By  June 18, 2010

Lazy and just plain mean! Here is a list of our least favorite TV dads. Thank goodness we aren’t related to them!


Peter Griffin- Family Guy
He is lazy, he farts and drinks… and he is pretty darn stupid! He calls Meg ugly, Chris fat, and he flat-out uses Brian…


Archie Bunker- All in the Family
This is the show that broke boundaries in regards to race, religion, and gender. That’s right, Bunker was a prejudiced potato couch!


John Locke’s Dad- Lost
First he abandons his kid, and then he cons him?! As if being stuck on an island isn’t enough, John has to deal with parental issues.


Al Bundy- Married With Children
All he does is sit on the couch with his hand down his pants and relive his glory days in high-school. In short, he is a loser!


Tony Soprano- The Sopranos
Simply a jerk! He hit his daughter’s boyfriend… He bully’s his son!  And, oh right, he’s in the mafia.

- Aanchal

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