The Best Bedside Carafes

By  April 10, 2008

Clio carafe

Why of why is it so hard to find a stylish glass bedside carafe set with matching tumbler? Dunno. But I’ll make your life a little easier by sharing the results of my own recent carafe research:

1. Clio’s Hargreave carafe, $220. (above)

2. Global Table’s Hakbijl night carafe, $18.

Global Table

3. Esque’s handmade recycled-glass Off pitcher and cup at Branch Home, $189.

Esque glass

4. POSH Chicago’s French bedside carafe, $50.

POSH Chicago carafe

5. Juliska’s Isabella carafe set, $112.

Isabella carafe

6. William Yoeward’s cut crystal Victoria carafe, $295.

William Yoeward carafe

7. Tord Boonjte’ classic Artecnica carafe, $48.

Toord Boontje carafe

8. CB2′s Cora tumbler, $9.95.

CB2 carafe

9. Marcel Wanders’ still excellent Cristal carafe from Matter, $55.

Matter carafe

10. Abbott’s pink-glass carafe, $19.

Abbott carafe

Drink up! –Jen Renzi

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