The Cuff Statement

By  December 17, 2009


It is not always outfit conundrums that make us obsess in front of the mirror for hours. Sometimes it is all accessory drama. While we are doing our  absolute best to get out the door on time, there seems to be  something off about the necklace/earring combo or the ring/hoops duo.  Two accessories are just too much and scaling it down to just one accessory is a bit too bland for our taste. This embellishing  bind is exactly the reason we love cuffs so much.   A cuff will pull your entire ensemble together.  Simply pair the right cuff with your little black dress  and voila: you are a style maven.  ~Alyssa Bernstein

1. Caramel Veined Horn Cuff, $150

2. Jessica Simpson Antiqued Gold-Tone Cuff, $55

3. Bing Bang Mixed Chain Cuff, $153

4. Carissa’s Wide Black Woven Knot Cuff, $46.95

5. Natalia Brilli Wide Leather Cuff, $175

6. Erickson Beamon Beardsley Cuff, $440.30