The Defintion of Cute

By  January 06, 2010

So, I know that this video has made its way around the web like a billion times by now … In no way do I think that I’m giving you an original piece of content. You’ve definitely seen it. Unless, of course, you’re oblivious to everything. Like me. I was introduced to this video last week and literally have been “gush, gush, gushing” everyone in my sight ever since. I’m creepy like that. Anyway, watch it for the first time … or for the hundredth time. You can spare 17 seconds. And you can’t deny that this itty-bitty kitty will put a smile on your face. If it doesn’t, then you have some serious issues … So without further delay, I represent to you … “Surprised Kitty!”

P.S. It’s Wednesday after the holiday vacation … and my brain hurts. This helps.