The Magic Touch

By  July 08, 2009

Not only has Emma Watson been busy promoting Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, but she has also grown into a well-spoken, intelligent, and beautiful young lady. So it’s no wonder she’s making a name for herself outside of acting—or that she has landed yet another magazine cover (the August issue of Elle UK). She looks gorgeous as always on the cover, but we love what she’s wearing in the main spread. She has the perfect mix of understated and over-the-top—and we didn’t even realize that was possible.

Try layering on several chain-based necklaces for a tough look, but pair them with something simple!


a. Goti Silver and Ribbon Shell Necklace, $721 at

b. ACB Black Diamond Fringy Sparkle Necklace, $318 at

c. Fallon Multi-Crystal Necklace, $265 at

This outfit goes to prove that sometimes tulle is the right answer. We recommend looking for something that isn’t too frilly.

emmawatsonskirt1 1. Zucca Tiered Lattice and Ruffle Skirt, $582 at

2. The Vanishing Act Short Tulle Skirt, $162.84 at

3. Organza Ruffled Skirt, $24 at