The Wear-With-All Skirt

By  July 08, 2009

Don’t you just love that pair of shoes in your closet that go with almost everything? And isn’t it true that we all love the versatility of a good pair of jeans? Here’s a skirt that’ll do the same for your wardrobe and satisfy your girly side too. There really are countless ways to outfit this chic and flattering piece, but here are four looks we love:


The skirt (It’s all about the cost-per-wear!): Albino Belted Skirt, approximately $298 at

1. C&C California Backless Baggy T-Shirt, $117.15 at

2. H81 Silk Ruffle Trim Top, $22.90 at

3. Rojas Magenta Dynasty Top, $86 at

4. Stripe Cup Corset Top, $65 at