Thorough Threading

By  July 10, 2009


Tweezing, bleaching, at-home waxing kits—we’ve tried everything there is to remove hair at home. And because making monthly appointments for waxing and threading is kind of annoying, aestheticians Anita Sun and Sara Maita have created an all-natural at-home threading system. The Sun Maita system is engineered to replicate the exact angles that salon threadists use to ensure perfect results. The Threader rolls hair out at the follicle using organic cotton-blended threads to minimize hair follicles, reduce hair re-growth and coarseness, prevent ingrown hairs, and leave skin smooth and radiant. Easy to use, this system will be your new best friend for removing facial hair on the upper lip, eyebrows, chin or sides of the face and neck. The kit includes the Threader, chalk to make the hair more visible before removing, Feel Less to lightly numb the skin for comfort, The Closer to sooth and protect skin, 40 Organic Cotton Blended Replacement Threads, and an instruction booklet.

Here’s how to use the Sun Maita threading device:

  • PUSH threads into skin (aim and push down hard, the threads will not injure your skin)
  • PRESS the trigger button to make threads run
  • PULL Threader off the skin while pulling out the trapped hairs in the threads (while still holding down on the trigger button)
  • RELEASE hold on the trigger button
  • REPEAT these steps in a smooth and quick motion

Also, Sara shares tips on how to use it, specific to body parts:

“Apply the included chalk to desired areas by dusting a light layer on skin with the sponge,” advises Anita. “This will make hair more visible and reduce natural skin oils that keep threads from effectively removing hairs. Plus, the chalk adds a protective layer, making threads glide more smoothly over the surface of sensitive skin. To remove peach fuzz, hold the Threader against your face horizontally, applying pressure as you activate the trigger to remove hair cleanly and painlessly. Try threading in sections, moving across the face from right to left, to make sure you cover all the areas you want to.”

“Tuck lips together to target the upper lip area below the nose,” recommends Sara. “Use your tongue to push the skin out from inside the mouth. This gives the Threader a flat surface to glide on so threads get in hard-to-reach areas.”

“Stretch your arms out above your head to ensure that skin is pulled tight before threading under arms,” suggests Anita. “Move across the surface of skin horizontally as on the face to get every section.”

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xx, Arielle Sobov