Three Things I Learned From Blair This Week on Gossip Girl

By  March 10, 2010

Okay, so I’m a little late on this… but I only watched this week’s episode of Gossip Girl last night. (Honestly, how did I go so long without GG in my life?!?) Blair and Chuck, I’ve missed you guys! Especially you, Blair. You instill in me so many important life lessons and quotes… like these three gems.


1. Looks like my advice went the way of the clog… The clog. An ugly wooden shoe that tried to make a statement and then disappeared.Okay, she was talking about Serena’s resolve to not rush into a physical relationship with Nate. But I feel like I’m going to try to use this line in my day-to-day dealings…

2. Everyone needs to play games. So true, Blair. So true.

3. It’s like a diet. After years of starvation, you can’t just let him gorge on sundaes. He’ll panic and decide he hates ice cream. More romance advice from Blair. Hey, she landed Chuck!