Tweedledee Fashion

By  September 21, 2009

Our connotations of tweed jackets tend to include figures like Basil from Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective or the nerdy professor Ross from Friends—in other words, not exactly the height of fashion. There is, of course, the classic Chanel tweed suit, but though it obviously lies in the realm of fashion, the price tag definitely does not make it accessible to us normal girls. But tweed doesn’t have to be stuffy or cost you an arm and a leg. Here are just a few fabulous and fun pieces that are available in stores now—they’re the perfect stylish and lightweight coats for early fall!


1. H&M Tweed Jacket, approximately $74 at

2. Open Front Tweed Jacket, $24.80 at

3. Anna Sui Metallic Tweed Jacket, $226.80 at