Two-Tone Hair: Chic or No?

By  December 04, 2009

I, for one, didn’t see this trend coming, but hey—if it works for apparel…


Apparently the ombre look is strutting right off the runway on onto the strands of the bold. Marie Robinson, celebrity colorist at Sally Hershberger Downtown, briefly shares a few tips on this emerging trend:

Who can pull this off?
Teens and young fashionistas are perfect for this! It is also great for anyone in the arts/music industry.

Who should avoid this look?
Although the extreme color is beautiful, it is also a little distracting. Anyone that works in a corporate environment should avoid the look.

How do you get this look?

If you want to go for natural tones, then just lighten your mid-length and ends at least 3 shades lighter than your base. Then go back to your last 2-3 inches of hair and lighten again. If you want to make it a funky color, have your hair professionally bleached and tone with any desired pure pigment shade such as a Manic Panic Color. Apply shade at the bottom 2-3 inches and let process. Then dilute the remaining color with water and using your fingers work it into the mid-shaft.

Is it hard to maintain?
If you go for natural shades, the color looks better as it grows – so it’s very little maintenance! If you use a pure pigment color such as Manic Panic it will need to be refreshed every couple of weeks.

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xx, India-Jewel Jackson