Vanessa Williams Helps Dress for Success

By  June 30, 2009


The infamous Vanessa Williams (a.k.a. Wilhelmina Slater on Ugly Betty) came into NYC today to launch her new campaign for the charitable educational program called Dress for Success. It’s an organization that helps disadvantaged women succeed in the workforce by giving them donated work outfits and teaching them to dress the part. She truly has done it all!

Dress for Success organized the Rack Relay Race, what exactly is that?
“We launched the campaign in Grand Central today, and it was a great success! We raced to dress mannequins in the clothes donated for the cause. I had a team of four and raced against my mum. I also got a chance to race against the recipients from the campaign video. To win you had to have the fastest and best dressed mannequin. They all did a wonderful job!” (Check out the video right here)

How did you get involved with the Dress for Success organization?
“I signed on when Allergan saw my use of BOTOX. They wanted to educate women about its uses. It’s a win-win situation. We get to give back and educate all women who want to use BOTOX.”

To find out more about the Dress for Success Campaign check out this website:

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