Vanity Never Looked So Cute

By  May 27, 2009

How many mirrors do you glance at while walking through the cosmetics section at department stores?  If you’re like us (kinda vain), you probably glance at every single mirror you pass.  Well, since being publicly obsessed with yourself is slightly embarrassing, here’s a new trick to remain who we are while still keeping it a little discreet.

Mini compact mirrors to toss in your purse should be every  girl’s new accessory.  They are great for a quick food-in-teeth check, how’s-the-hair check, and an is-my-eyeliner- running check.  Plus, these days theys are completely adorable!  Here are some super cute mirrors to tote around, or even give to a friend as the perfect gift!


Spread peace and look good with this peace sign mirror.  Available for $19.95 at


Look glamorous with this mirror colored for summer.  Available for $18 at


Check the time, and check to see that you’re looking fabulous!  Available for $2.99 at


Or, personalize your very own special mirror for $5.95 at

xx, Arielle Sobov