Versace Spring 2008

By  September 27, 2007

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Versace spring 2008 dress
Versace Spring 2008


Versace is the kind of show that renders dictionaries useless: There’s simply no other way to describe the spring Versace show other than sexy. In previous seasons, Donatella Versace has toned down her house’s trademark sensuality, masking seductive pieces under retro influences, artful silhouettes, or glittery embellishment. But this season she eliminated any excess frills or fashion pretense. Instead, she served up text-book sexy looks fashioned out of liquid, body-hugging materials in lush shades; i.e. the kind of pieces that make die-hard Versace fans start panting.




Colors crossed the spectrum—from slick nudes to spicy reds—while cuts ranged from the merely coquettish (supple leather trenches to fuel those flasher fantasies) to the dangerously provocative (heart-stopping silk shifts). Even floor-length evening gowns took a racy turn. The most scintillating of the bunch look somewhat conservative until the back slit—which starts at the toes and ends right below the gluteus maximus—comes into sight. Such ensembles remind even casual bystanders that the bold Versace girl has many tricks up her sleeve—and skirt.

Versace Trench Spring 2008
Versace Spring 2008