What Time Is It?!?

By  July 28, 2009

Time travel is confusing … I’m a huge fan of Lost. I live for Wednesday nights. I’m loving the recent twists and turns … Okay, so they’re in the 70s now. That’s pretty cool. Sun and grown-up Ben are still in the present. That’s even cooler. It’s mind-tripping stuff – truly genius.


Last week, Sayid shot little-boy Ben in the past … How will this affect the past and present/future? Does it mean that they’re all safe now? Will the Dharma initiative thrive? Will Sawyer and Kate and everyone else be left in the peaceful euphoria that was the early island? Will present/grown-up Ben just vanish? … Will someone else as dangerous as Ben emerge as the new leader of the others? So many questions…


Meanwhile, I just finished reading The Time Traveler’s Wife. And I’m getting my stories confused. In this book (which is really good by the way — I highly recommend!) no matter what, you can’t CHANGE the future/present. So if I apply this rule to Lost … Ben’s mission and purpose will still somehow persevere despite the fact that he died as a child …???!??!??!

Is this making any sense? Probably not. I think I need to stick to the here and now for a while. Let’s talk tomorrow morning and share our theories!