What to Watch on TV Tonight!

By  May 14, 2009

The only way I can recover from the season finale of Lost is by numbing myself with more totally awesome television … Good thing tonight is Thursday!


8PM on ABC. Ugly Betty. Um, the episode guest-stars Adele. That’s reason enough to watch!


9 – 11 PM on ABC. The season finale of Grey’s Anatomy! Fee-Fi -Fo -Fum. I smell serious melodrama!!! Izzie faces Cancer. George gets critically injured in the line of duty. Mer is just – well – actually she’s sorta boring… But it does look like someone might not survive the episode. (Hint-hint, T.R. Knight wants OUT!)


9 PM on NBC. The season finale of The Office. Tear. Why are all my fave shows leaving abandoning meeee?!? Dunder Mifflin’s company picnic will offer drama, comedy … and romance! (That’s right. Holly is back!)


9:30 PM on NBC. 30 Rock. Wow, there are a ton of guest stars on this episode (Sherly Crow!, Mary J. Blige, etc.) I’m intrigued ….. Oh, and Jack hears more from his new-found father who wants his kidney.


9 – 10 PM on Bravo. The Real Housewives of NYC Reunion Part II. Ohhhhhhhhh!!! More catty wannabe socialite quarrels… Love it.

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