When it Rains, Keep Your Crown Under Control

By  October 29, 2009

Harsh weather is the pits. Ugh, the deluge that we  suffered through this morning hardly had me singin’ in the rain. While fall is one of our favorite times of year, with the leaves changing humidcolor, Halloween, and the feast of Thanksgiving, the on-again-off-again weather doesn’t make the cut onto our autumn list of loves. To get ahead of limp locks, and crazy curls, we did a bit of research to find ways to keep our hair looking good, despite the storms.

Here are some helpful tips on how to prevent weather-related bloopers:

1) No matter what kind of hair you’ve got, the drier your hair is before you leave the house, the less of an effect humidity can have. So make the time to blow-dry a bit longer on wet days.

2) If you have curly hair, it’s good to use anti-frizz cream before you encounter a torrential downpour. However, there are also products for straight, or straightened hair. To keep your hair from going limp, use a light anti-humectant spray right after you blow-dry.

3) Do the Updo! Not only are they fun, but they actually retain their texture in rainy weather and humidity. To fight static, try pining it all up in a high bun with a tad of mousse worked in.

4) Use Hairspray. You may not like it in normal weather, but few things work better than a good hairspray in wet weather. When the humidity is bad, your hair won’t be.

xx, Grace Daniel