Where’s Waldo?!

By  June 02, 2009

He’s hitting the big screen! Universal just announced that they are making a new family flick all about the adventures of Waldo. Remember him? You know, that crazy guy dressed in a red-and-white striped shirt with those cute geeky glasses and a walking stick? You had to look for him on every page through thousands of similarly dressed characters …? Yes, him! As of the moment, all we know is that Waldo is a a 30-year-old man who accidentally turns on a time machine (hate when that happens!) and travels through time.

Since they haven’t cast anyone just yet, who do you think would make the perfect Waldo?

Jim Carrey
Freddie Prinze Jr.
John Krasinski
Johnny Depp
Owen Wilson
Daniel Radcliffe
Jude Law
Jake Gyllenhaal
Will Ferrell

- Aanchal Khaneja

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