Wii Just Got a Bit More Appealing

By  October 02, 2009

The world’s most popular home video game system just got even more appealing. Nintendo’s suggested retail price for its record-setting Wii has dropped by $50 to $199.99. The new $199.99 Wii price point delivers the full iconic Wii gaming experience, including the motion-sensing Wii Remote controller, Nunchuk controller and Wii Sports software, and furthers Nintendo’s mission to expand the gaming universe by making video games accessible to more and more consumers.

Wii ownership also opens an avenue for players to the industry’s most diverse and unique collection of home console games. Key upcoming releases include Wii Fit Plus, launching on Oct. 4, and the first truly multiplayer Mario title ever, New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Both new and veteran players in America can jump into this new Mario action when it arrives on Nov. 15.

And beginning Oct. 2, consumers in select cities will have a new, convenient way to decide which Nintendo adventure to tackle next. On that day, a novel series of sampling events called "World of Nintendo" kicks off in Long Beach, California.

The inherent social nature of Wii is fully demonstrated in a groundbreaking way with New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the first Mario game ever to allow four players to take part in the action at the same time. That same dynamic is propelling the enthusiastic response for Wii Sports Resort, while the release of Wii Fit Plus includes everything you love about Wii Fit, along with new multiplayer elements and the ability to customize workouts to fit individual needs.