Will You Be Watching? …. The Hills & The City

By  September 29, 2009


Will you be watching the season premiere (let alone the whole season!) of THE HILLS? The MTV show premieres tonight at 10 PM. We said our not-so teary goodbyes to Lauren Conrad last season, and now we say a somewhat enthusiastic hello to a  familiar face from our past … Kristin Cavallari! Hopefully Kiki C. will inject some much-needed drama into the tired “reality” series!


… And then will you stay tuned for more quasi-gossip and semi-scandal (not really) in the life of Whitney Port on MTV’s THE CITY at 10:30?

I don’t know … I have way too much on my DVR to take up the space …but I’ll probably watch once it’s on re-runs like every five minutes after it premieres. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!