Will You Be Watching? …. <i>The Hills</i> & <i>The City</i>

By  September 29, 2009


Will you be watching the season premiere (let alone the whole season!) of THE HILLS? The MTV show premieres tonight at 10 PM. We said our not-so teary goodbyes to Lauren Conrad last season, and now we say a somewhat enthusiastic hello to a  familiar face from our past … Kristin Cavallari! Hopefully Kiki C. will inject some much-needed drama into the tired “reality” series!


… And then will you stay tuned for more quasi-gossip and semi-scandal (not really) in the life of Whitney Port on MTV’s THE CITY at 10:30?

I don’t know … I have way too much on my DVR to take up the space …but I’ll probably watch once it’s on re-runs like every five minutes after it premieres. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!